Then There Was That One Time, When Someone Wrote A Song About Mom

The Jesus Tortilla, October 5, 1977.

Yesterday, the Jesus tortilla turned 37 years old.

The town of Lake Arthur, New Mexico, a community that never managed to have a small dot on a New Mexico map, would become the infamous village where a woman discovered the face of Jesus on a tortilla.

Thirty seven years ago today, my mother was on the breach of having her entire life turned inside out.

Last night, as I spoke to my mom, reminiscing over the last three and half decades, she nonchalantly mentioned that there was once a corrido written about her and the Jesus tortilla.

A corrido?!?

For those of you who don’t know what a corrido is, a corrido, according to Google definition, “is a popular narrative song and poetry form, a ballad. The songs are often about oppression, history, daily life for peasants, and other socially relevant topics.”

Corrido’s have also been known to tell stories and share news from community to community. Here are some examples:

The corrido written for my mom and the Jesus tortilla, is called “Reflejo Divino” (Divine Reflection) and written by the sister of one of my godmothers, Patricia Ibañez from Van Horn, Texas. I do not know who she is and I am not at all certain if she is alive or not. Unfortunately, my parents do not know much about her either. However, because of the 37th anniversary of the Jesus tortilla, I feel compelled to share the lyrics of this corrido, written by Ms. Ibanez, especially because my mom found it on the very day the Jesus tortilla turned 37 years old.

Coincidence? As my mom says, “sabra Dios.”

It is unclear what the music that accompanied the lyrics sounded like, but if you’re familiar with corridos, you might be able to make it out. Enjoy!

Reflejo Divino by Patricia Ibañez 

Cristo apareció en una tortilla,
A una mujer de nombre, MariaIMG_5470

Acabo de hacer

Que felicidad ahí en ese hogar
Que Cristo Jesus vino a visitar, y a purificar

Ahi esta presente, tal vez para siempre

En ese lugar, en ese lugar, se quiso quedar
El cinco de Octubre del setenta y siete, en esa mañana, en punto las seis

Estaba presente

Laguna de Arturo, tuviste ese honorIMG_5420
La familia Rubio a Cristo Jesus, feliz recibió

El divino rostro, ya me hizo el milagro
Doy mi testimonio, yo te doy las gracias
Mi pie ya esta sano.

La dicha tan grande para Nuevo Mexico
Por segunda vez, alla en otro hogar, dejo su reflejo
A la humanidad, su amor le mostró

Y en una cruz, y en una cruz, su vida entrego.

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