When I Desperately Wanted Out, They Gave Me A Reason To Come Back.

Mom and Dad standing near a field of corn stock in Cottonwood, New Mexico. It is the land that they labored on and the land that they still love.

Tonight, I share pictures through the eyes of my parents, who have lived and worked in Lake Arthur, New Mexico for over sixty years. The history behind this region in southeastern New Mexico and the roots my parents have planted are deep and complex, yet very close to my parents heart — no matter how hard life has been. I hope I give justice to how much they adore this tiny town and the land that surrounds them. I share this because despite the time I have spent desperately wanting to get out of this place, this is the home that defines me.

I must do it right.

These crosses hang in my childhood home. I see them each time I am headed to my old bedroom and a constant reminder of my mom’s faith.

Across the street is Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church, a space where mom and dad spend a lot of their time.

My mom sits and prays while I walk around this old Catholic church. It had been so long since I had stepped foot in here.

Mom reading her bible, which she has had in her possession since 1986.

Before the tortilla comes the testales.

The ultimate Mexican staple, the tortilla. Courtesy of my sister, Rosy, who made a big batch for our Sunday family dinner. No Jesus discovery here.


Funk Road in Cottonwood, New Mexico. The county road where life began for both my mom and dad.

An old cotton gin heading west on Funk Road.


Corn. Lots of corn.


Heading west on Fund Road

Old bracero homes, also called, “Rancho Blanco.”

Old bracero barracks.

My parents home used to be here. The space has now been replaced by a water pump.

The old convenience store where my parents used to shop.

The old cotton gin where my dad used to work nights. As he shared his story, I could hear the same anxiety he must have felt during those hard times.

The fields replenished by the purity of water, which is so scarce.

As subtle as they are, you can find real beauty in these trees.

Big red barn in Cottonwood


Wide open spaces.


I was feeling sad when I took this picture and looking at it now, it reflects a little of that sadness I was feeling at that very moment.

Lake Arthur sunset.

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